Carnes (tibman) wrote,

haha, omg.. i was looking for a game to waste time on.. (being in a dungeon for 12+ hours can make you lonely). I found some RPG game made by some noname that sounded pretty good. Haven't played it yet but i think it's going to rock!

This is quoted from the MOTD:

Are you a stupid person? Something like the average mmorpg player?
You will most likely find this game too hard or lame or not your
liking. You have been warned and don't need to tell us about it.

MUD systems are not for everyone. Playing them takes time, effort
and brain capacity. And sadly most today's mmorpg players don't
have what it takes.

And this was in the EULA from the setup:

Other fact about MMORPGs is that the players will encounter other
human players. There is no way we can control the actions of other
human players. If you feel cheated you can always inform an admin
but most likely nothing will happen. If this is too much then we
suggest, for your own good, that you stay away from all online games.

I'll probably put up screenies and stuff later..
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