Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Going to Warp Tour JR. tomorrow. Sarah can't go so she's giving me her ticket. Oh yea.. went to six flags yesterday and had a blast. My back still aches from all the rollercoasters.

Anyways.. you might have noticed i don't put as many pictures up as i use to. That's because i seriously can't find the link cable to my camera. I even MOVED and it can't be found. Dan to the rescue! He managed to salvage the pictures on his phone and put them on his LJ, so i did too.

A tank we found in a very remote area. The tank looked like it had been abandoned for many years. It looked like an M60 (not sure if A1-A3 ??). The front end was buried and the tail end paint had come off so we couldn't see a bumper number. The tank was very much intact, engine and interior were fine. I'd bet the tank was buried in mud, light interior was salvaged, tank abandoned, and forgotten until we had found it (mostly
unburied). Pretty exciting considering we've probably walked by it many times out camping.

Walmart was closed because of a supposed bomb threat and we took shelter from the sun in our makeshift tent using Dan's car. Lots of people were just wondering around the parking lot.
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