Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Lately i've been hanging out on this Natural Selection server called Voogru. Great place btw. Anyways, it turns out, the owner of the server was recently added to the NS development team. Voogru creates modifications of the game and adds it to his server making it very unique in the NS universe (and unique is good). The original coder of NS, Flayra, comes and plays there all the time. Playing at voogru is almost like the last stronghold of good gamers. You know what i'm talking about.. people who play for fun, not a score. Just last week I received a reserved slot and some other benefits. If you enjoy a gaming community and the people who play, as much or more than the game itself.. come join!

Oh, and i think that belly ache might have been food related. duh, keep forgetting to eat when i stay up late..
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