Carnes (tibman) wrote,

my "setup"

Even though i spend more than 50% of my life at work or in my HMMWV, i've managed to get a pretty good setup going. Jenny (Amd 400mhz, 14gb, Mandrake 8.1) is connected to the cable modem providing IP masquerade for the rest of my network. She is currently providing FTP, WWW, DNS(, SSH, and telnet services. Though, it works, i need to seriously redo her, Mandrake installs come with tons of just crap. I'm thinking she needs Gentoo with a good crypto layer on the filesystem (thats a project for later).

My other box.. well.. she's my Angel.. i built her without concern for cost ;) ... She's just pure computing goodness. I'm going to turn her into a dedicated Gentoo desktop next year. To take her previous gaming role will be Barbarella, a windoze ONLY box. Barbarella is going to be my gaming dirty whore.
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