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01 July 2004 @ 03:40 am
New computer on the way!

O AMD Athlon-XP 3200+ on an ASUS mobo.
O Two Hitachi S-ATA 80gb drives running in raid-0.
O 512MB of PC3200 DDR memory.
O nVidia FX5600 series Video card.
O Little monkey shoveling coal to power neato blinking leds.

Angel (old computer) will become the dedicated linux desktop/server and the new one will become the windows gaming machine (no linux on it). The new one hasn't been named yet. But i'm thinking either O'neil.. or Crichton. My first "male" computer.

I plan to bring FarCry to it's knees in mere days. Though, this box has been designed with HL2 in mind.

Angel was a good box.. but her day is done.
Danwarraven on July 1st, 2004 06:35 am (UTC)
her days are not done, she's just being re-assigned. re-assigned to server duties.
Scott Beamerangrykeyboarder on July 2nd, 2004 10:02 am (UTC)
Where are you getting this computer and what brand is it?

Are you going with XP Pro or Home?

In this day and age I'm surprised you're not going with at least 1 GB of RAM (especially for a gaming box). Why only 512 MB?