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When will this chapter end??

Dan left around 0400 this morning so he can do his NG thing.. (he's working at the races)

Since he'll be gone for a few days, i took the liberty of cleaning his room. Not just a little, we're talking total make over (it needed it).

Has anyone noticed a lot of anger and frustration going around? I catch myself doing it all the time. Sometimes i catch dan, but he won't acknowledge what it was. I however, apologize to those i've been less than friendly towards. I just need some time to prepare for this next chapter in my life. I enjoyed the last one.. and hope the next will be even better.

During this break, i've been having really crazy dreams. Most of my dreams up to this point, i've always been a youth (9-12) having a great time and going on adventures into the world. Lately, i've been more grounded.. 21 years old, responsible. Not much ever affects my dreams. They're usually like my own personal perfect MMORPG in my head (senses Brent cringe). It's always the same place, the same characters.. all living out their fantasies. Now you know why i sleep so much ;)


I just talked with Dan's Dad.. he's really cool.


"I like this world. This world of pain.. this world of suffering. I have chosen to play this game of my own free will."
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