Carnes (tibman) wrote,

carry on, Soldier..

The first day in basic training training, after i was assigned to my area, i opened up my wall locker and found a small silver cross and a little tan card labeled "A Soldier's Prayer". These two little gifts have helped me more so than i could have imagined. I memorized the prayer and repeated it in times i was fatigued or was receiving bodily harm. Sometimes i could only just repeat the first line over and over... and a few times, i only got to the first word. I attached the cross onto my dog tags (i've never actually "owned" a cross before). My ex-girlfriend has it.. i miss it, but oh well. As for the "Soldier's Prayer", i kept it on me at all times. After months of sweat and rolling around, it had faded so much you couldn't make out a single word. Then, finally it fell to pieces one day.
Today, i found it again.. I though i'd share it (Click to enlarge picture)
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