Carnes (tibman) wrote,

T minus 10 working days left.

The first weekend in a while is here! Camping? or Sleeping? or Eating? or .. Eating? The choices are near endless.

Bad news first. My left knee was damaged pretty bad during this last mission while attemping to recover my bradly. I can really only walk on it.. and that's it. Not good.. because i've already started the Medical part of leaving the army.

Good news. I've changed something in the world and people actually like it. A little while back i proposed we open up the chow hall in the morning for soldiers in their PT uniforms (previously against regs). The CSM said we can't do that because soldiers can't sit in the chow hall with dirty / sweaty uniforms on. I agreed and suggested we open a walk-through (drive through on get-away-sticks) section. Guess what? They opened it, and it rocks.. and everyone uses it.

So.. i think i'll get naked and fall unconscious on the floor and wait until someone wakes me.
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