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28 February 2004 @ 05:37 pm
Found an article on human behavior by the Non-Expert..
i liked this one a lot.


He must have friends. He clicks SEND/RECEIVE. No new messages. It’s been over an hour. He surfs the Web for 20 seconds, closes the window, maximizes Outlook and clicks SEND/RECEIVE. He asks his co-workers if anyone’s having server trouble. His Internet connection, Bob explains, doesn’t seem to be working. ‘Will you send me a test email?’ he says. Seconds later, Bob receives an email. Subject header: test. The word is lowercased. He opens the mail, his heart a-quiver, only to find there isn’t a message. ‘Thanks,’ he says. ‘At least we know internal mail is up.’ His co-worker laughs across the hall at a funny photo someone has sent her as an email attachment. ‘You’re getting external mail?’ Bob says. His co-worker nods yes, unable to speak because of her delighted laughter. Bob looks back at his screen. SEND/RECEIVE. SEND/RECEIVE. SEND/RECEIVE. A message arrives. Subject header: Make Friends Online – Free Trial!