Carnes (tibman) wrote,

..internal thoughts...
I find it easier to fight for someone else than for myself.
I guess it's because i don't mind suffering.. and i don't like seeing friends in pain. There is honor in protecting another.. in serving another. Serving yourself benefits no one, not even yourself.


The barracks is all about territory now. These new soldiers don't understand many of the army values. They might know them and be able to recite them when asked to, but they don't understand them. Though they are labeled "Army Values", the military doesn't lay claim to them, anyone can have them.

This new breed of soldier is short tempered, near sighted, and unloving of his fellow brothers. All they understand is "who's the biggest baddass in the playground". The only things a private cares about is "when do i eat?", "where do i sleep?", and Taking care of his battlebuddies. They are even sub-private mentality. They care only for themselves, they don't take the training seriously, they push the limits of what they can "get away with". They are weak human beings. They toil with looks and image. wtf? Clean your damn rifle, so you can actually fire it..

This new "kinder, gentler army" shit makes me sick. It has become so political. The things you can say are becoming regulated. "Don't say anything that might offend someone." "They aren't Dog tags, they're ID tags. Calling them dog tags gives the idea the soldier is an animal. We don't want to offend anyone."

Hey Fuckstick, our damn job is to wage war! I believe that all life is sacred. But if evil threatens the goodness of my brothers and sisters, i'll crush it under the heel of my boot. That's my freaking job.

For those who don't know me, i'm an emotional guy, sensitive even. I don't give a crap what anyone calls me or thinks of me though. If someone calls you a little pansy, so be it.. they think you're a pansy. Don't go cry over it. Stand up. Be strong not for yourself, but for everyone else. If my friend is dissapointed at me and voices that he's suffered over something i've done (or not done). I'm going to be serously hurt and go hide in a deep dark hole.

Maybe it's sad i cling to emotional extremes. But it's the way i have found fits me best. I am myself.

.. i'm going to end this little rant before the topic changes again.
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