Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Well, last night was a lot of fun! (not to mention a great training experience)

Schmeck, Sgt Schlegel, and I volunteered and were selected to be COBs (Civilians on the Battlefield) for an exercise at the Zussman MOUT site (Zussman = Urban Operations Training Center, named after 2LT Zussman. MOUT = Mounted Operations in Urban Terrain).

Typically SF likes to train there, but these guys were on the Navy side of the house. We were all dressed up in Arabic Garb, head dresses and all. I don't want to describe the missions or the things that happened too much.. i wouldn't want to tip off any future groups/teams visiting the site. But, i did get to do a lot of things on my list of "crazy things to do". I jumped up and down on cars yelling, threw vegitables at ppl, attempted to build a hasty roadblock to stop a speeding vehicle, watched cars explode, and a few others...

Anyways, i plan on going there a lot more often. Dan, Brent, Sarah, or whoever.. anyone is allowed to go. You just have to apply through the right channels. Let me know if you would like to participate.

Oh yea, nobody is allowed to bring cameras to the site, but of course military officials let the media come and take pictures now and then.. so i googled these pics.
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