May 10th, 2003



Not being able to move much has given me more time to think about stuff.

I think money prevents people from becoming who they really are. Or.. it could prevent them. Imagine if you were perhaps the greatest sky diver of all time, but you never had enough money to buy all the required equipment. Maybe you'd make the best fighter pilot the world has ever seen, but can't afford laser eye surgery correction. Maybe you are a great writer, but don't have enough time to write because you spend it working to provide for yourself.

I wanted to share the following excerpt from my "other" journal.

The games I've been playing have been becoming more and more complex. Almost to the point of having to decide where to succeed, in the game, or in life (based on where to use my time).
From playing games one can learn how to live their lives better; games are a miniature version of life. You can see how cooperation helps defeat things larger than yourself. How being evil/nice affects others. How much the desire to win controls and directs your life. How important friendship is to you.
Then why do we continue to play miniature versions of life when we can spend the time on the real thing and improve the chance of a successful life? I think it's to escape our on lives, if only for a minute or two. Even if our lives are fine, there is always the fear of failing or losing a friend.

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Here are some codes you can use to start your own LiveJournal. I think it is a good thing to have. Most think it is silly... think about it in terms of not you recording your life, but a way for others to see what you are doing from day to day. You might have a lot of friends that just wonder what you are up to, but don't want to bother you with a phone call. Sometimes it helps to write it down, but not just in a "black book" under your pillow, but something anyone can pickup and read. Above all, feedback is important. Feedback helps turn a drifting thought into something you can use.

Here are codes you can use to start your journal.

Just click the link above and enter your chosen code. Have fun!