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Strange Day..

Today was interesting.. I learned something about myself, completed several awards (one Meritorious service medal), and had a lot of laughs.. not to mention got off a little early. Anyways, today i learned i'm not a very good boxer. For PT today, we put on boxing gloves and duked it out. I'm much better at hand-to-hand and knife fighting. Needless to say, i lost :( It was probably because I couldn't wear my glasses? I'm not sure.. No big deal.
Later today, my Sergeant loaded up a text-2-speech program i wrote and started prank calling just about everyone, it was pretty awesome. We must have sham'ed a good two and a half hours, lol..
Oh yea, and during lunch I applied for a $1,000 loan from my bank. HOPE I GET IT! I need it to fix my car :(
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