Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Civilians on the Battlefield

Friday i got to play as a Civilian on the Battlefield. Seven of us pretended to be Iraqi personnel in various situations. You know.. the normal iraqi stuff, shoot people, yell & shout, a suicide bombing here or there..

It was a lot of fun. The lt's we're really frustrated the whole time. Though, i'd have to say they did a good job.

The best "skit" though was the suicide bomber. Myself and five others were to observe the Americans setup a Traffic Control Point (TCP), then go over and "just be curious". Try to talk with them, hug them, ask them for food, try to look inside the vehicles. Meanwhile, the suicide bomber would attempt to enter the TCP and kill as many personnel and/or vehicles as possible. We did a good job of distracting them.. we were all dancing and singing "good bush.. good good bush" when the bomber walked right in.. right up to a M113, put his hands together in prayer and knelt down on the ground. Upon seeing him enter the area, we all "looked worried" and left the area.. they starting to notice something was going on, but before they could react... The piercing scream of an Arty sim could be heard with intermittent shouts of "INCOMMING!".. a thunderous and concussive explosion rocked the entire area signaling their loss. ENDEX.

On monday we get to do it again, but instead of low intensity engagements, we're supposed to be mostly anti-american. This is going to be fun..
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