Carnes (tibman) wrote,

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hmm.. this week sucked..

CIP all week, blah blah.. non-stop from 0600-1730. I'm glad that it's over though.

Last Weekend
Last weekend was great. We played a lot of paintball.. in the rain! They didn't have a real wilderness court, just those insane hyperball/speedball courts. It's like playing in a giant verion of Tron(R). They have huge brightly colored blow up things all over the field. Anyways, we rocked all the guys with matching weapons and spandex suits.

Other than that, we've been playing a lot of Halo, 4 vs 4. Tons of fun.

The only thing coming up is LanWar20. That should be pretty hardcore. Dan and I will be going together, hopefully everything works out right.
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