Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Extra training.. the fun kind..

Schmeck and I are planning some training this weekend.

We're going to play paintball, but over the period of two days and three grid squares. We'll probably only get to play one game, maybe two. I'm playing rabbit (open player), Schmeck is executioner (ambush), and Gooch is guard dog (AA defence). It'll be us vs 6-7 other guys from the troop. Basicly just force on force, except we hold their objective (so they come to us). Whether we play at night and camp as seperate teams, or all meet up and make camp as a group is tbd.

I wonder if Josh would want to play?

In other news, the book Revelations was a great read. RavenBlack came up with the idea for the book right around the time i developed my idea of reality. Strangely enough, both are similar. If you like books about reality and perception, it's only $9.99 including shipping.
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