Carnes (tibman) wrote,

The past, revisited..

This is something i wrote about a year ago.

I began in an empty room, graciously donated from my parents.

Into this room i placed and collected many wonderful things.

After having found everything i could ever want, i closed the

door. Perfectly content with everything in life, i had no

need for money, fast cars, or anything. Then one day, the

room caught on fire and started to burn. I sat in the middle

of my room and watched everything slowly melt away. All things

i had loved and cherished had fallen on me and scorched my body,

mind, and soul.

In the aftermath, i had nothing, had nothing to define myself;

i wanted to die. Nothing was important anymore. For all

purposes, i was dead. My smile, my laughter, my happiness..

had all been consumed by the fire in that room.

Then, one day i realized my room was empty again, and that i

should start over. Start over from the beginning. But this

time make fewer mistakes, enjoy the triumphs more, make great

friends all over again.

So here i am, using past memories as guidelines for the future.

My life isn't over, someone just pressed the reset button.

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