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14 July 2003 @ 11:48 am
Well, I took a quiz on Dan's Journal. As I suspected. I always knew i'd slip and fall in my tub and break my neck or something. Though, from the picture it appears to be a very large tub. From this I can conclude that I will be extremely rich before I die. Which also makes sense, because if I was poor, i'd live out a very very long life and die at the right time. hmmm..

Accident(natural causes). An accidental
death shows that the person may or may not have
been adventurous, and can tell the least about
a person.

How this effects you:

This shows that you are a kind, genuine person,
who is probably as normal in life as many
others(meaning, you're just a nice person, you
can still be goth, or whatever.) Just keep on
being yourself, I suppose.

How Will You Die? (Caution: Graphic Photos)
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