Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Good weekend.. better one on the way?

Last weekend was good.. and I didn't even watch the fireworks. I bought a new vehicle (picture coming soon), saw two movies, and visited with Beckie.
I traded in the old Mazda for a somewhat new Hyundai Sonata. More of a family car, but that's what i've always wanted anyways. Now I just need the family..
Saw T3 and 28 days, both very good movies. T3 was definately a very good finisher to the series. Movies about destiny and purpose have always interested me. I thought that John Connor was "special" because he had some sort of leadership skills, or something. **warning spoiler** Who knew he was just the guy at the right place at the right time. It probably didn't really matter who was standing at the MIC in the end, but it just so happened to be John. 28 Days was another "end of the world" type movie. Very good. Most Virus movies make the heros have some sort of special ability or immunity. In this one, the heros are very vulnuerable and it really keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Beckie was also in town and I kinda invited myself over to her house. (sorry, *grin*) It was nice to see her again.

Erin invited me up to visit at Lisa's this weekend. I've got four calfex tickets for the 12th (not sure if they are only valid for the 12th). I'd very much like to take Grandma & Grandpa or someone who would appreciate watching the Live Fire Exercise. We'll see what happens..
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