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a Programmer or a Ninja? Which "Kung Fu" is better?

Lately i've been trying to make the choice between the physical or the technological. About three weeks ago i was right on the edge of boxing up my computers and putting them into storage. But, i didn't, i came to the conclusion that by giving up my computers, i'd lose half of my skills in life. So, i'll keep dividing my time up between training/working out and programming/coding.

On another note.. I like to keep hard copies of popular/well visited online manuals. I printed out the GNU Make how-to.. it was one hundred and eleven freaking pages! I've got to go buy a new black ink cartrige now.. geez those things are expensive too...

I've been reading a lot lately and I think after i leave the army i'm going to create a new identity for myself. I'm thinking something like John something.. or Steve something.. You know.. that generic man type of name. I don't know anyone who calls me by my real name anyways... Oh well.. just a thought ;)
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