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Not much news... Today I had to give a SAEDA / OPSEC class to the troop. It went better than I thought it was going to. Oh, and again tonight i've got to get ready for a room inspection. It's not that bad though. Schmeck is moving in with me, so cleaning is a lot easier. We've got a pretty good setup going. Next week we're getting rid of the beds; Schmeck is putting up his hammock and i'm getting a futon chair. Brent's fridge has become the Booze fridge; as i'm sure you can guess its only purpose is to keep Booze. (Don't worry Brent, I'm taking good care of it. I clean and dust it once a week)

The reason we're getting rid of the beds is because Schmeck and I combined, take up a LOT of space. I have all my computers and he has all his adventure gear (Mountain Bike, Racing Bike, Skiis, Rock Climbing stuff, Fly fishing pole, and a bunch of different other things. I'm getting him into computers and he's getting me into adventure sports. He has already built his own computer from scratch and is running win2k and Gentoo. He took me rock climbing last weekend and we had a blast. I've always been into hiking and camping, but not much more. Though mountain biking probably isn't my thing, I do enjoy the rock climbing.

Oh yea! I almost forgot, Mike, Tim, David, and some other guy showed up last week. Here's a pic we took outside my room.

Oh well, better get back to work.
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