Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Post Organizational Day!

Yesterday was Post Organizational Day, a big event for most everyone on post. I only know of two events, though there might be more; the duce pull (2.5 ton truck), and the chariot race. The duce they brought had a problem with the brakes and nobody could pull it, go figure. The chariot race on the other hand..

The Chariot
We had a great chariot, simple in design, with room for 10 horses (or 10 soldiers pulling it). Our welding team is great, they make all kinds of crap for us out of broken trucks / tracks / tanks. We've got coat racks, boot washers, pullup bars, you name it. The chariot's bumper number is "2EZ", aptly named because we WERE going to win.

The Personnel
16Cav likes playing fair, so we all brought water balloons to throw at the competition. There was an MP team, some medics in their scrubs, 19D BNCOC class (real competition), and some other ones i can't rememeber. And of course Schmeck was one of the horses for our chariot, and yes he was "talking shit" to the other units. The chariot rider was LTC Chesney (sp?).

The Race
We were on the far left side, so our strategy was to race and lean a bit to the right in order to restrict other chariots ability to turn easily, while we could easly turn to the left. It worked! Only 19D BNCOC was with us. We're neck and neck with 19D BNCOC. Schmeck gets hit in the "knockers" with a balloon, but the pain turns into rage and he starts screaming (it was funny). We pull ahead and win by a whole chariots length! Guess what? 16Cav got third place! WTF!?! The judges took costume and chariot design into considerations. Each of the three catagories (Winning, costume, and chariot) was worth 15 points! So, the entire 16Cav packed up and left that place. How much of a party is it going to be when they're missing 1,100 soldiers? Not to mention all the Scouts to make asses out of themselves.

If those guys want to start with bullshit like that, we can play. We're the masters of cheese, it's our job! Next year will be different... There is going to be trumpets, streaming banners, and everything! oh boy, they've messed with the wrong squadron. We've got a saying, "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying hard enough."


Oh yea, and while everyone was packing, I made off with the cake! As you can see below..

Me mutilating the cake ;)

mmm, tastes even better when you don't share..
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