Carnes (tibman) wrote,

wahoo! faster code!!

I was redoing some old code after work and somehow transformed an old function from 57 lines of code to only 4! This function (Getword / strseek) has been in every one of my programming projects since late 1999.

I decided to redo the code because of a comment SSG Ozment made the other day. I was fixing the Alpha Roster because some Platoon Sergeant sorted it incorrectly and seriously mixed up all the Troop's data. He said, "Have it done by the end of the day." I said, "It will probably take me a few hours, Sergeant." He said, "Then you need to find a more efficient way of doing it." Makes sense...

Sometimes words make more sense coming out of someone elses mouth.

Oh, and yes... i did find a more efficient way to fix the roster.. task underlings to do parts of it ;)
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