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21 April 2003 @ 09:59 pm
Progress on a better future perhaps?  
Finally got the server converted over to Gentoo! She's rockin' fast! I haven't named her yet, kinda strange having a computer that i've never even seen before. The server will be hosting three domains; tibtown.com, cityofminds.com, and furiousdragon.com. I just updated the bind server so you should see these domains working in 24-48 hours from this post. Whether there is a website at the other side or not is still to be discovered. I setup some basic sites, but i won't know if they work until the domains come up. Oh yea, and they FINALLY released tibtown.com so my new company could purchase it... geez, it's been near four months!

Ok, so now there is a rockin computer connected to a Tier 1 network / Data center. What to do with it?!?! Create an online company of some kind! The kind that sells stuff and makes money! wahoo! .. now, to find something cool to sell..