Carnes (tibman) wrote,

faces of the past...

Geez, it's been really busy lately. Last week my truck went through services, only took two days too (though they were very long days). On saturday we had a funeral up in Indiana. They soldier weighed over 350 pounds, not including casket. The casket was VERY nice, a lot of work went into it. The General said he was deployed over in Iraq and developed health problems and later died in Spain (I think he said Spain). This was the first funeral for us to honor a soldier that died during the war.

The First Sergeant wanted it to go smoothly, so he goes "I want the best seven F***ers you've got, SSG Oz."
SSG Oz, "Carnes.. Schmeck, hope your uniforms are squared away."

In other news:
I've purchased a dedicated server from ServerBeach to host (currently down). It comes pre-installed with RedHat 7.3. I'm working on a way to remotely install Gentoo; after that, i'll put up again. Wahoo! Actual bandwidth!
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