New Job

Got a new job recently. Pretty cool so far but only doing some simple reports. They have tons of snacks and there's a game room filled with beanbag chairs. I hope to get into more software development later. I think they just needed someone who can make sense of the data right now. It's a very new company and their business people don't have many tools for understanding what's really going on.

Anyways, one of my co-workers changed my desktop background (so nice of them!) to this. It's too awesome. Going to keep that around for a while : )

Etsy thing

Kristina opened up a little Etsy shop called something like "Grandma's tiny house". She salvaged a bunch of old things from the little (slowly collapsing) building behind her Grandmother's house and plans on selling it to help out her Grandmother financially. Very helpful and nice.

Anyways, she's had a hard time pricing some items because Etsy doesn't show the price of something that has already sold. But she discovered that the price is still in the html source. So she asked me to make a thing to pull out the prices.

I made a little script and put it here:

Easy to use. Just copy & paste the URL in and it'll give you the price of the sold item. It maintains a list of items for you too.

New toy!

Bought a "special" arduino from an Australian company that can use virtual keyboard & mouse libs. No more crazy long password entry at work. I really hated locking my computer every time you get up. Going to combine it with RFID to make it even cooler.

Will post pictures when it is picture ready : )

On the ride to work.

Turtle in the road! Run turtle, run! I usually stop to relocate lost turtles but it was just over a steep hill on joe prather (a country "highway") with no shoulder. Hope the little guy gets across safely.

Let the cross-posting begin

Going to just crosspost stuff from G+ for a while. Hope nobody minds :)

The biscuits exploded this morning, lol. You know when you peel open a can and they sort of violently spiral open with a pop? This was extreme and ejected biscuit parts all over my shirt and the stove. The cats were in there bumming food and did the hilarious "the kitchen floor is now ice" scramble to escape.

Cats and Hackers

First, Cats! Nym, our new kitty, was found sleeping in the same spot that Banjo (who recently died of FIP at age 1) liked to lay. I also found Banjo on the floor today, i guess she was playing with him.
Nym, Nym sleeping next to Banjo

Here she is just playing with a mouse. Yes, this was filmed with a potato.

Next, Hackers. It's pretty typical to get automated scans and hacking attempts on any public services. But it has really stepped up in the last few days. I've been seeing "live" attacks and not just automated ones. Spent much of the morning checking logs and closing the things s/he was poking at.

If i add the attacking ip to the firewall, a few minutes later s/he will be back with not just a new one but a new one located in a different country. So i've started work on a php script that watchdogs the logs and auto-deny any ip that does something abnormal. Abnormal is including 404s and long GETs, so it is pretty strict. It allows for some whitelisting though for legit 404s and so on.

The ips are pooled and i'm searching for things they have in common. Maybe they are all part of a company service or p2p network or something. Then i can outright deny any connecting machine that is part of that network/service.

Only once before has my machine been hacked (that i know of). There was a zero day ssh exploit that took me completely unprepared. Had to wipe the box :(

Follow up to Connectivity logging

Here's the chart!

Click for full-size.

Looks like my internet is especially poop before lunch and around dinner. Going to expand the data collection to several different locations in the US and remake the chart (at a later date.. i don't feel like messing with it for a bit).

The chart was made from data collected every 5 minutes from 4am to 11pm today which comprise 199 logging events consisting of 5 pings to The pings are summarized into minimum, maximum, and average times.

Connectivity logging

The internet here is great EXCEPT ping times go really high randomly. From 50-250.

In an attempt to figure it out (because the Insight guy ran a test and said everything looked good) i coded up a logger that is collecting info 24/7. Tomorrow i'll throw up a graph and we'll see if there's a pattern to this pain.

cleaning the compy

Reformat reinstall is almost done on the main computer. So snappy! It's like clean sheets on the bed, or warm pants from the dryer, or sitting in a new car (or freshly detailed), or sucking the warmth from your loved one with cold hands :)

Selling books

Miss K convinced me to sell most of my books (they take up a lot of space). So we first tried selling them to a local book store, a bin (40ish books) for 20$ was the best rate we could get. Instead of selling locally we're trying and so far it's working out pretty well. It averages two book sales a week.

I really didn't want to sell them because it's impossible to get your money back out of them. Each paperback is 8$ and hardback 15-30$ (at new prices). So ~300$ worth of books will resell for 20$ local or 50$ online... so sad! But honestly i don't reread them unless they are truly fantastic. Tunnel in the Sky, Pushing Ice, Seeker, Ringworld, stuff like that.